Digital Orrery

Over the years I’ve taken a lot of photos using everything from disposable point-and-shoot film cameras to high-end digital cameras. These days I focus mostly on smartphone photography, which is really coming into its own. Digital Orrery is where you’ll find my most recent work.

Delphi Foresight Strategy

A project to understand the future as part of, rather than apart from, the history of humanity, life, and ultimately the Earth itself. A place to begin thinking about thousand-year projects.

You can also subscribe to the (somewhat irregular) Delphi Foresight Strategy newsletter, Five Futures.


Shorter thoughts, random speculation, and other tidbits that don’t fit into the mission of Delphi Foresight Strategy can be found here. Updated approximately whenever I feel like it.


I use IFTTT to record interesting things that I’ve found around the web, books I’ve read, and other bits of my digital exhaust. Automatically updated.

About Me

Nathan Acks

I've lived in the Western United States for most of my life, a place I sometimes like to call "the ancient shore of Laurentia", though there's precious little water here now. I studied physics as an undergrad and then applied mathematics (specifically operations research) in grad school, but ultimately chose to pursue political activism.

When not working to change the world, I spend my time thinking about the future and practicing my photogtaphy.