Possible way to explain the current political situation in the US: Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are controlled by oligarchs, but they by-and-large are controlled by different oligarchs.

In particular, the Democrats are more in the thrall of national and international elites, while the base of the Republican leadership is composed of regional elites. This may even go a long way to explaining which cultural factors get layered in to each party (the Democrats are more cosmopolitan and, for lack of a better word, Roman, in their outlook, the Republicans more interested in preserving local power structures). Thus, what we’re experiencing politically these days may be best seen through the lens of the classical power struggles amongst feudal lords.

This also explains the areas of agreement the two parties sometimes show (often in the omission): Feudal lords may spend a lot of time fighting amongst themselves, but can also show a remarkable unity of purpose when it comes to confronting shared threats, be they internal or external (see, for example, the lack of meaningful debate regarding domestic and international intelligence operations).