Some random and possibly ill-considered public policy “recommendations” inspired by recent reading…

  1. Implement true universal health care (with aggressive preventative care) and a guaranteed minimum income (basically a check mailed to everyone over the age of majority, indexed to inflation, local cost of living, and dependent children). Use these programs to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the ACA, disability, unemployment, welfare, minimum wage, and probably a number of other government mandates/programs.

  2. Universal preschool/child-care?

  3. Eliminate most payroll taxes, at least under some modest amount (gut says maybe ~$40,000/year, indexed to inflation and local cost of living, but I’m just spit-balling here).

  4. Eliminate taxes on necessities (unprocessed foods, toilet paper, books, maybe basic Internet). Replace with taxes on remaining goods (higher for purely luxury items like jewelry), financial/stock trading, non-payroll benefits, and activities that damage ecosystem services. End government support for established industries.

  5. For the love of god, stop federally insuring unsustainable/dangerous activities (building on flood plains and barrier islands, for example).

  6. Simplify rules around housing construction, zoning, and business creation. Try to figure out ways to reduce regulatory burdens on small- and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Encourage in-fill in cities.

  7. Infrastructure investment focusing on low-carbon, long distance mass transit (people/freight). Trains, shipping, etc. Maybe free local public transit? Maybe congestion pricing within cities?

  8. Federalize primary school funding.

Couching liberal goals in conservative language here. Aim is to simultaneously reduce government overhead and regulatory burden while increasing services and encouraging sustainability.